The goal is not to do but to evolve.
Angela Anz

Born into an entrepreneurial family, I have always been very inspired by my professional choices. With parents who were entrepreneurs, I was immediately immersed in this entrepreneurial world.
Having tried the classic professional path for some time, notably at Marc Jacobs, Catherine Miran Press and Wanda Nylon, I finally decided to launch myself as a Brand Manager & Business Developer Consultant 5 years ago. Zwitter Paris, Mallaury (Artist), Consulting for project leaders, Divabrow, Blue Marble Paris, Press References, Celebrities, Royal Families, Influencers, Buzz… etc. are all these references that illustrate my know-how.
In addition to Consulting, I embarked on an entrepreneurial adventure with Kodd for 5 years, a magazine whose word “Discovery” is the absolute value and Anz Paris, a consulting firm for 10 years, in which I share my know-how in the fields of Communication, Marketing and Branding.
Multidisciplinary, my field of action ranges from communication to brand development. Innovating, meeting the unexpected, developing your identity and existing are my objectives. And because what will make you strong is your identity, I make it the basis of my work.